This UMIDIGI Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard is a light, portable and high quality product which is perfect in size. I take it everywhere with me and is super useful. It is ideal for train and airplane rides because of the little space it take up. It can easily fit into a bag, but unfortunately wouldn’t fit into a pocket. It is extremely light only weighing up to 174g. The UMI-KYB6 is surprisingly easy to use and operate. The keys are evenly spaced and is a good shape for typing. I thought it would be difficult to use the keyboard because of the big space in the middle but I soon got used to it and had a great typing experience.


I was extremely impressed by the quality of the keyboard. It has a soft touch material that has a nice feel. The keys are easy to press down and has a good amount of response. The keyboard came nicely packed with professional packaging that looked sleek and premium. The UMI-KYB6 is magnetic on both sides making it secure and easy to close. It folds up with ease into a small hand sized package.


I love the style of the keyboard as it looks very classy. The choice of colour goes really well with the design which looks slick and professional. The keyboard comes with a micro USB cable and user manual which is clear to understand. Helpfully, as soon as you unfold the keyboard it turns on and a green light glows. To turn it off simply close it.


The UMI-KYB6 efficiently pairs to any device (Windows, android or iOS) and is very simple. Whilst waiting for the keyboard to pair, a blue light flashes.  It is hard to make a mistake whilst pairing, charging or using this product and it is always reliable and gets the job done. You can tell the keyboard has been made with care as there isn’t one flaw about the way it has been created. This keyboard is by default a US layout and is un changeable, so there’s no £ sign.


I love this product as it is well constructed, is high quality and is overall great. I would highly recommend this to anyone but especially to someone who travels a lot. It’s extremely portable with dimensions with a Folding size of 158*101*13mm and an Open size:328.06*101.99*5.8mm.