This VicTsing Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard is a cool, well made and functional keyboard that is a great addition to my desk.

Firstly it looks pretty spectacular and is certainly an attention seeker in any room. I got this keyboard as part of my gaming set up and it just looks awesome, the 7 colours (GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, CYAN, PURPLE and WHITE) fit any mood or colour scheme you have going on and does look insanely cool.

The keyboard does have a nice substantial weight to it and with the grip pads at the bottom it makes sure it can’t slide around/scratch any surface. It seems solidly made with the laser etched lettering ensuring that it will last a long time. The added wrist support and tilt option is a great option to have and makes typing more comfortable. Each key is raised so typing is more accurate and faster and the big factor for me is that unlike built-in keyboards these keys actually go down, ensuring you’ve clicked them.

A few things to note: There are a selected few keys in German (Page up, Page down, Delete, etc) however after a while you soon get used to them. The keys are programmable and the ‘G’ keys on the side are quick and easy buttons that you can program to launch a specific task/application. The brightness can be toggled by pressing FN+Page up/down. This is not a mechanical keyboard, only a keyboard that offers a similar feel, this will be a bonus to some because of the cheaper cost, and there’s no clicky noises.

Overall this is an excellent keyboard that offers great value for money and is perfect for gamers, or people who type a lot.Recommended!