I’m absolutely in love with this Zelotes 5500 Adjustable DPI Professional LED Optical Gaming Mouse and it’s a really cool product that is perfectly suitable to game with, or just for everyday use, which is why I’m using it.

What I’ve never understood about computer mouses is that it’s only gaming mouses that seem to be shaped to fit your hand, and this mouse is so comfortable to hold and use, perfect for me as often I’ll be sat at my computer all day. It’s ergonomically designed and does nicely fit my rather small hands. It’s made from plastic, which makes it durable and budget friendly, but what I’m pleased to say is that it doesn’t affect it build quality at all, even with this low-price point and plastic material, I’m confident that this will last.

This mouse has 5 DPI Settings: 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200, 5500. This makes it easily adjustable for gaming or web browsing and means you can get the sensitivity you want, it’s easy to adjust, just click the DPI button in the centre. The clicks are satisfyingly ‘clicky’ and each button is tactile.

The LEDs are a really cool feature to it, but aren’t too bright or outlandish that I would feel uncomfortable with it in my office. Overall I really like this mouse, it’s comfortable, functional, looks cool and all at a relatively low price point. Recommended