I absolutely love this InfoTechnica fully reversible Micro-USB Cables and it’s very easy to see why this pack of cables are so highly rated on Amazon. They come neatly coiled in a plastic pack and are ready to use straight away.

For me these cables look stunning, sleek and professional. The silver makes it look pretty expensive and it definitely is a step up from the standard black plastic cables that are the standard. The nylon braided cable ensures that it feels great, and that it is meant to last, too often I have experienced cables that have frayed but i really don’t see this to be a problem with this. Being nylon braided also means that it won’t get easily tangled or knotted.

The fact that both USB and Micro-USB ends are both fully reversible amazes me and I can’t believe that i haven’t seen this before. It seems maybe a little gimmicky at first however I can definitely say it truly isn’t, not having to fumble around, especially at night, saves time and frustration. For me 2 metres is the distance i prefer, not being too short that I have too stay next to a plug, however for some it may seem excessively long. Overall I love these cables and highly recommend the