This fitness tracker is a good value, budget option and is perfect for those wanting a smart, connected fitness band whilst also not wanting to spend on a much pricier Fitbit.

Firstly it has a nice sleek design and is a relatively simple design, the actual device is simply enclosed into a silicon band turning it into a watch. It’s light, isn’t thick and is comfortable to wear. Being so thin it’s easily manageable to wear it under a sleeve, whilst I also wear it during the night to track my sleep patterns. Unfortunately it is rather difficult to fasten the strap in, you really have to forcefully push it into the slot – and is a pain.

The screen is nice and bright, clear to read and isn’t too bright that at night it hurts your eyes. It’s touch sensitive but does automatically turn on when you move your wrist to check the time. Unlike most other fitness trackers it’s really easy to charge this, simply plug it into any USB port – no special wires at all. I’ve been really impressed with the battery life – after 2 days of heavy usage it has only dropped 10% – really, really impressive.

It has a multitude of features (pedometer, calories record, sleep quality monitoring, HR (heart rate) monitoring, sync date and time, notifications, music control, Remote camera control, anti-lost alert, find Phone, sedentary alert) which whilst all do work, some are more effective than others. I found that the pedometer, heart rate sensor, notifications and the sleep monitoring are the most useful functions, with the app syncing the data to provide useful graphs. The fitness tracker syncs well with my Google Pixel, Bluetooth connects automatically and hasn’t loss connection.