This Lumsing Pilot 4GS 12,000mAh Powerbank is the perfect Powerbank for any USB chargeable device, but specifically useful to Apple users – this is because of its unique charging input – not the industry standard Micro-USB input, but this is actually chargeable with any lightning connector, the first I’ve ever seen.

Apart from its quite special charging input, it’s a fairly high quality, well designed and well made Powerbank that can charge all devices. It offers 2 USB output ports that are high speed, 1 Charging input port, and 4 LEDs to indicate the power level (100%. 75% etc.) It’s a nice minimalist approach to the ports and doesn’t incorporate a flashlight which in my opinion is never needed.

The design aspect of this is second to none, a real beauty from every powerbank I’ve ever seen and is genuinely stunning. It looks premium, sleek and with a lovely cold metal design it is by far the best designed. It does also have rounded edges which is nice and slips into a pocket easily enough. Dimensions are 5.67 x 2.88 x 0.61 inches which makes it just the right size for portability with such a large power source (capable of charging most phones 3/4 times over)

Overall this is really an an excellent product, premium, useful, portable and has a dual output for 2 users at once. The only con is that it doesn’t include a lightning cable, but most households have some variant of one, or could be sourced else where very cheaply. Recommended!