This EasySMX ESM0800X 3G Smart Phone Android 5.1 is a superb value for money Smartphone that not only betters more expensive big brand phones but outclasses them entirely. It’s brilliant value for money and an inexpensive way to really gain access to all the features a £600 Samsung would have.

What’s Included:

◘ x 1 Android Smartphone
◘ x 1 Micro-USB Cable (Charging Cable)
◘ x 1 USB Charger Plug
◘ x 1 Screen Protector
◘ x 1 User Manual
◘ x 1 Warranty Card

This Smartphone runs off Stock Android 5.1 Marshmallow which is a really big bonus. Having it stock Android means that it’s entirely unaltered and comes installed the way it was designed too. Often manufacturers like Samsung will load useless apps and bloatware slowing the device down. This means that the phone will run the fastest it could be.

Its standard storage is only 8GB but has the option of expanding it an extra 64GB thanks to its built in Micro-SD slot, Micro-SD cards are fairly cheap and a 64GB will set you back £13. Having so much storage is great as you can then store lots of films, music and apps. It is also a Dual-Sim phone which allows 2 sim cards in at the same time, perfect if you travel to other countries a lot or use separate sims for work/personal use.

The phone’s design looks sleek, premium and very similar to a HTC One or a HTC M8 which is certainly not a bad thing. Although the phone is made from plastic, it looks premium and as long as people don’t look too closely or touch the phone it definitely looks like it’s made from metal. The gold design looks amazing, and isn’t too flashy at all.

Performance wise for the most part it works fine, is usually responsive and can run apps like Facebook, Youtube, Chrome with ease. It is powerful enough to run games like Pokemon Go perfectly fine and was actually pleasantly surprised about the performance. Occasionally the phone will lag but it lasts for a maximum of 5 minutes and for a £50 phone it runs exceptionally.

The phone screen is for me the perfect size at 5 inches and the screen is a IPS screen of 960 x 540 pixels. This results in the screen looking pretty good, and definitely 100% useable in all situations. It isn’t an exceptional screen or a fancy OLED Screen but it does work fine and most importantly it looks fine. It has a 2200 mAh lithium battery and I got a great day and a half usage from it.

The build quality does seem fairly solid, and well crafted. I had a bit of an issue with the back cover clicking in place however it was simply just a case of putting enough pressure into it whilst making sure that the cover was aligned properly. Overall for a £50 phone it’s exceptional value, it makes a great budget Android phone! Highly Recommended!

**Disclaimer** I was kindly sent this product for free of charge or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review that I have provided. If you did find any aspect of this review helpful please smash the “Yes” button below!