The PIXEL is Google’s first attempt at designing and manufacturing a smartphone by themselves – completely. The Nexus range weren’t truly Google as they used Huawei so I was very excited to get my hands on the Pixel, indeed I view it as the Smartphone of 2016.

Firstly Google is the maker of Android so any updates, security fixes or improvements will come to the Pixel first. This is already a major advantage compared to Samsung as with my old S6 Edge I used to have to wait months after the initial Android release to gain access to it. Because Google designed both the software and the phone it means that it runs stock Android (without any unintended software / changes ) and runs it extremely well. The Pixel is simply made for Android and vice versa – it looks stunning on it as well also making it look clean and well designed.

The Pixel’s design is a bit of an area of conflict – you either love it or hate it. Personally I quite like the design of the rear, with the 2/3 change making it more interesting than most other phones. It is entirely personal however most will want to protect their investment with a case anyway. Aside from that the phone is designed pretty standardly, it’s rectangular with a stunning 5.0 inch AMOLED display whilst being extremely well made and sturdy. I’m fairly confident if I dropped the phone it wouldn’t break (maybe the glass) and feels more premium than my Samsung.

Its camera is the real show stealer for me with Google claiming it to be the best smartphone camera I’m inclined to agree. Numerous other independent magazines also rate it that and it is simply because it’s stunning. It’s lightening quick, takes gorgeous HD pictures, and even in low light still captures the moment. It has a 12.3MP on the rear and an 8MP front facing camera for selfies. Another standout feature is the rear fingerprint reader, it honestly is super fast, literally tap your finger to it and it unlocks your phone. Google’s response to Siri, the Google Assistant is surprisingly useful and a massive step up from their original Google now. It has become more conversational, more intelligent and I found myself using it more and more – perfect for quick google searches or setting alarms.

Overall it’s stunningly designed, super-fast and has a gorgeous camera. The Google Assistant is currently the best in any Smartphone whilst more importantly it has a headphone jack! Revolutionary stuff, a phone I would highly, highly recommend.