This YISI Smartwatch is very competitively priced compared to the main smartwatch brands out there (Apple, Sony, Samsung, Huawei etc) and is definitely on par with them in most departments, if not bettering them in some. This is a fairly cheap, introductory to Smartwear and is overall a great device.

Firstly the design aspect of this watch is just gorgeous, it looks so sleek, professional and premium that it could easily be passed off as a big brand product. The silver I received is sleek all the way through and contrasts really well with the black bezel/watch face. The watch itself isn’t too thick considering all the hardware inside and also isn’t any heavier than a standard watch.

I wouldn’t really recommend the Silver Mesh Stainless Steel Band, it looks absolutely gorgeous however the mesh can sometimes trap hair and the clasp is very fiddly and I’ve never managed to get it to stay shut for more than 3 hours. To adjust the size of this watch band you need to get a small screwdriver and prise it up, from there it’ relatively easy to get the right size.

The display is clear in most instances however in direct sunlight it is hard to see, charging time is around 2 hours and you can easily expect to get at least a day out of the battery. I feel that the software has let this watch down a lot, it’s pretty slow at times and I’ve found that the screen can be a bit too touch sensitive at times. It does alert you too notifications however it ends up needing a lot of tweaking on your end, it will notify you every time your ETA of charging time changes and you end up having to turn off notifications for a lot of things thanks to the constant bombardment of notifications. Bluetooth connectivity is for the most part fantastic, but in some cases it will keep disconnecting which gets tiresome.

Overall it a great introduction to the Smartwear industry, and for £50 you won’t lose too much if you’re like me and decided it’s just not for you.