This Amzdeal Neck and Shoulder massager is really competitively priced compared to most other massagers, with the one in the high street usually priced quite easily above £100. For over half the price I, like many other people was very interested to see whether this would have an effect on this product’s quality, and functionality.

It arrives in simple packaging and contains:

x 1 Amzdeal Neck and Shoulder massager
x 1 AC Adapter
x 1 In-car adapter
x 1 User manual

Firstly the overall build quality seems actually pretty good, there’s no small holes, no loose threads and it feels solid. The materials used are soft, whilst having a premium feel to it as well and the PVC leather makes it look attractive and classy. It has 3 really simple controls – on/off, heat on/off and direction which makes the design very simple, and easy to operate.

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When in use it gently, and quite slowly rolls over the area, and I would definitely recommend the heat option on at all times – it’s not hot, more of a soothing warmth. It’s a very portable product, which isn’t heavy either, and won’t strain you back or shoulders if you used it a lot. It is actually quite comfortable to use, the floppy ‘arms’ you use to wrap it around yourself. It’s not limited to just your neck and shoulder, it can be used anywhere, recently I’ve had a bad back and although slightly awkward it did help a great deal.

Overall this massager offers great value compared to most in terms of price, quality and functionality. It’s useful, comfortable and portable whilst also very versatile in terms of which areas it can help. I would recommend it.