This Powerbank ticks all the right boxes, it looks great, is portable and most importantly has enough capacity to charge my phone 3 times over. If you don’t want to read the rest of the review then just know it’s an excellent product that outperforms most other powerbanks due to the percentage indicator.


Firstly I do really like the design, it’s ‘clean’ and simple with a white textured carbon fibre print found throughout. It has rounded edges which are smooth and measuring in at 14.3 x 5.7 x 2.2 cm makes it portable, with it being large enough to carry the large 12,000mAh capacity whilst small enough to comfortably fit into a bag.


Functionally everything works exactly as expected, having 2 USB ports is great so you can charge two devices at once, with one port at 2.1A and another at 1A (tablets can charge faster at 2A) It’s charged up with a Micro-USB cable (supplied). Having 12,000mAh stored up is for me the best capacity, large enough to charge my S7 3 times over, but small enough so that I can carry it around easily. It alos has a percentage indicator to show how much power it has left which is super helpful, and a feature that many other powerbanks don’t have.

Overall I’d definitely recommend this product!