This 1STPLAYER Firerose Ergonomic Waterproof Chroma Marquee LED Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a pretty awesome keyboard that is stylish, well made and most importantly does its job extremely well. My typing speed and accuracy has certainly improved and so can’t fault it at all.

What’s Included:

x 1 1STPLAYER Firerose Ergonomic Waterproof Chroma Marquee LED Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

x 1 Keycap Puller/Remover

x 1 Switch remover

x 5 Replacement Blue Switches

x 1 User Manual


This particular mechanical keyboard has blue switches – meaning that a certain amount of pressure is required for each keystroke and a feedback sound of a ‘click’ is produced after every singular key is pressed. The idea behind blue switches is that for typists especially the feedback produced ensures that they know when a key has been pressed and so by touch typing they are able to be faster and more accurate. I personally find myself enjoying typing on mechanical keyboards due to it being overall more comfortable and as said previously I do type faster. This keyboard is also a massive improvement for gamers – as each switch is individual it’s just more responsive as a whole in comparison to traditional membrane keyboards.


I couldn’t fault the build quality either – the “Double-colored injection molded keycaps” basically mean that the keys shouldn’t wear off and are good for 50 million keystrokes which should last years. The keyboard as a whole is well constructed with no flex to it and it has a good weight to it ensuring that it won’t slide around on your desk and just overall feels solid.


The keyboard measures 43.8cm(L) 13.6cm(W) 3.6cm(H) which is more or less the standard size and fits my desk comfortably. The attached cable is 160cm in length ensuring that it’s long enough to plug into a computer that may be below your desk and the keycaps size is nice and compact. As with all keyboards, it took a bit of time to get used to the layout but it’s now become second nature.  An added bonus is that it has an IPX7 rating meaning that any spilled drink shouldn’t do any damage.


It has 3 levels of brightness as well as the option to turn off all lighting which is great if you’re in an office environment and also has various lighting effects which look pretty cool. Overall this keyboard is a great purchase – It looks awesome, has a great build quality and has improved my typing speed. The included switch spares are just another awesome added extra that shows how great the brand is, Highly Recommended!