This Techstick laptop cooling pad is an efficient device with a simplistic, rugged style. I think the dial control is a great idea because you can adjust the current flow instead of just on and off, and in more intensive tasks increase the fan speed. The 2 fans, which have blue LEDs, gives the cooler a trendy look. There is a spare USB port to plug in any USB devices such as a memory stick which is a nice, unexpected bonus.

The fans are reasonably quiet and aren’t as noisy than my previous cooler. When the fans are on they don’t make any more noise than your standard laptop fans, and if you have any background music on you probably won’t hear the fans at all.

I like the style of the cooler as it looks modern but still simple to use. The stand is adjustable so you don’t have to work on a flat surface, which is great if you get neck ache and as it has 5 different angles of adjustment one of them will surely suit your needs. The cooler has 2 optional sturdy legs lifting it off the ground. The cooler gives a nice gives a nice amount of space around the edges of my laptop. It is suitable for any laptop from 15.6 inches to 18 inches. It also has 2 tabs to hold your laptop in place if you do choose to adjust the angle.

I think this is a well priced product as it has a nice style, it is efficient and is of a very high quality.
I would definitely recommend this product as I can’t find any flaws. It is a great gift for someone who is into technology. An extra bonus is that this cooler has a 1 year guarantee.